NACR Membership

*All Members must provide proof their company is State Licensed

NACR Membership Includes:

  • Company Registration
  • NACR Directory Listing
  • NACR-Certified QR Codes
  • NACR QR Code Links to Registered Products, Dispensaries, and Drivers
  • State License Verification
  • Product Counterfeit Protection
  • Instant GPS Dispensary Verification
  • Instant Product, Dispensary, o Driver Verification
  • Product Packaging Verification
  • Instant Fraud and Counterfeit Notifications


How NACR Membership Works:

As a member of NACR, you will register your company as well as your products, additional dispensary locations, Delivery Drivers, and coupons. For each product you will include a detailed description, 20 product images, its 12-digit UPC barcode, and proof of product ownership. You will also add a list of approved product vendors with their addresses. Each product will then be assigned a printable QR code to be placed on the product packaging.

When your product's QR code is scanned by a consumer inside a retailer, it will automatically bring up the product’s image, detailed description, and your company name. The App then automatically detects via GPS the store that is selling your product and instantly cross-references this store with your list of licensed vendors. If the vendor is authorized the consumer gets a Thumbs Up. If not, they get a Thumbs Down. Either way your company is instantly sent a notification.

After scanning the QR code, the consumer can also take a photo of your product. This photo is instantly analyzed by Amazon’s A.I technology to determine if the product packaging is counterfeit or not. If the packaging is counterfeit the consumer gets a Thumbs Down. If not, they get a Thumbs Up. Either way your company is instantly sent a notification.

Millions of consumers will now be able to police the cannabis marketplace and automatically give early detection warnings of potential counterfeiting or fraud. More importantly, the health of your consumer is protected and the integrity of the cannabis industry is increased.

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